Brian O’Halloran: The Multifaceted Maestro of Stage and Screen

Brian O'Halloran: The Multifaceted Maestro of Stage and Screen

Ah, the HighLifeStyle Show, a festival that transcends the ordinary, beckons you to a realm where cannabis culture, tattoo artistry, and musical vibrations coalesce. This isn’t just a festival; it’s a multi-dimensional experience, a pilgrimage for the senses. The event unfurls its magic from September 22 to 24, 2023, at the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center in Boxborough, MA. But what makes this year’s HighLifeStyle Show truly exceptional? The presence of Brian O’Halloran – The View Askewniverse’s own Dante Hicks.

Brian O’Halloran: Dante Hicks in Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” and its sequels
Known for his iconic role as Dante Hicks in Kevin Smith’s “Clerks” and its sequels, O’Halloran is a man of many talents. A stage actor, a podcaster, and a second-generation Irish-American, he brings a slice of his multifaceted personality to the HighLifeStyle Show. Whether you know him as Dante Hicks, a stage virtuoso, or the host of the O’HalloRant podcast, Brian O’Halloran is a man of many talents, a maestro who conducts his life like a well-orchestrated symphony.

Brian O'Halloran: The Multifaceted Maestro of Stage and Screen

Brian O’Halloran, a name that resonates not just in the corridors of film but also in the intimate circles of theatre and the expansive realm of podcasting. Born on December 20, 1969, in the bustling heart of Manhattan, New York City, O’Halloran has carved a niche for himself that defies the limitations of a single medium. At 53, his career spans not just years but dimensions of artistic expression.

So, mark your calendars, secure your tickets, and prepare to elevate your senses in a way that only the HighLifeStyle Show can offer!

The Dante Hicks Legacy: A Character that Transcends Film
Let’s begin with Dante Hicks, shall we? A character so iconic, so relatable, that he has become synonymous with O’Halloran himself. First introduced to us in Kevin Smith’s 1994 debut film “Clerks,” Dante Hicks is a character that has not just endured but evolved, reappearing in sequels “Clerks II” and the upcoming “Clerks III.” But O’Halloran’s collaboration with Smith doesn’t end there. He has graced most of Smith’s View Askewniverse films, sometimes as Dante Hicks, sometimes as one of Dante’s intriguing cousins.

The Theatre: An Actor’s True Crucible
While film offered him fame, it’s the theatre that O’Halloran calls the true crucible for an actor. Since his high school days, the stage has been his training ground, a place that sharpens reflexes, interaction, and memory. Post-“Clerks,” O’Halloran has primarily donned the hat of a stage actor, collaborating with esteemed institutions like the Boomerang Theatre Company, the New Jersey Repertory Company, and the Tri-State Actors Theatre.

The O’HalloRant: A Podium for Pop Culture
Ah, but let’s not forget the O’HalloRant, O’Halloran’s own pop culture podcast on YouTube. Here, he transcends his roles, becoming not just an actor or a performer but a commentator, a critic, and a fan.

The Man Behind the Roles
O’Halloran is a second-generation Irish-American, a detail that adds another layer to his multifaceted personality. A fan of the New York Rangers hockey team, he brings a slice of his personal life into the public sphere, making him relatable, grounded. For convention bookings, this maestro of stage and screen is represented by ZSC Entertainment.

The HighLifeStyle Show: A Confluence of Cultures
This event is an immersive experience for fans of the High Lifestyle, including vendors, comedy shows, programming, celebrity appearances, artists, and authors, along with networking opportunities. Unlike similar events, the vision here is to create a platform for brands and dispensaries to connect with potential customers, establish new business relationships, and create brand loyalty.

The Nighttime Hotel After-Parties: Where the Real Magic Happens
Ah, but let’s not forget the nighttime hotel after-parties on Friday and Saturday nights. These are the places to be, the sanctuaries where the real magic happens. Book your room now, for you must be 21 years of age and older to be granted access to this cornucopia of experiences on the Hotel’s Private Property.

The Live Music and Tattooing: A Symphony of Sound and Ink
Live music all weekend promises a lineup that includes Grateful Dub, DEADBEAT, Fortunate Youth, Mighty Mystic, DJ SLIM, DJ STENNY, NRBQ, The GOOD, The BAG & The BUTCHER, and Girl With a Hawk. And let’s not overlook the Tattoo Arts Festival, presented by, featuring live tattooing, seminars on tattoo history and techniques, contests, and artists.

So, whether you know him as Dante Hicks, a stage virtuoso, or the host of the O’HalloRant, Brian O’Halloran is a man of many talents, a maestro who conducts his life like a well-orchestrated symphony.

2nd Annual HighLifeStyle Show – Music, Tattoo and B2B and B2C Cannabis Fan Convention – September 22-24, 2023. Plus Tattoo Arts Festival! You must be 21+ for entry.

Stay in the heart of the magic at The Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center, the very venue of our community event. Located conveniently at 242 Adams Pl., Boxborough, MA, 01719, the hotel ensures a comfortable stay with its array of amenities including free parking, high-speed internet, an indoor pool, and a fitness center. Satisfy your munchies after a full day of music and ink at the hotels restaurant, or utilize the business center as per your needs.

For those wanting to explore the local area, take advantage of the free shuttle service that will transport you to sites within a 10-mile radius. Satisfy your hunger pangs at the hotel’s on-site restaurant, the Minuteman Grille, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and drinks to cater to all your dining needs during the event.

Its prime location just off I-495 makes the Boxboro Regency Hotel & Conference Center an ideal base for attendees traveling from near and far. So, whether you’re a music junkie, tattoo fan, or canna enthusiast, book your room now so you can stay on-site and in the mix!