A Sonic Feast: The HighLifeStyle Show’s Musical Cornucopia

A Sonic Feast: The HighLifeStyle Show's Musical Cornucopia

Ah, the HighLifeStyle Show’s musical lineup, a veritable smorgasbord of auditory delights that promises to titillate your eardrums and elevate your soul. Let’s embark on a sonic journey, shall we?

“A Sonic Feast: The HighLifeStyle Show’s Musical Cornucopia”

When the sun bids adieu and the celestial tapestry unfurls, the real symphony commences. The HighLifeStyle Show isn’t merely a festival; it’s a musical bacchanal, a sanctuary for those who find solace in the strum of a guitar, the beat of a drum, and the lyrical poetry that can only be described as soul food.

Friday Night: A Grateful Resurgence

Grateful Dub ascends the stage at 5:00 pm, a musical concoction that infuses the iconic sounds of Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead with a reggae-dub twist. Orchestrated by Roots of Creation, this tribute is not just a performance; it’s an experience, a sonic elixir crafted in collaboration with Errol Brown, the 5-time Grammy winner and Bob Marley’s sound engineer.

DeadBeat follows suit at 8:00 pm, a jam band that resurrects the sound and style of the Grateful Dead and The Jerry Garcia Band. With a lineup featuring seasoned musicians, each with over three decades of experience, DeadBeat delivers an upbeat vibe that will keep your feet moving and your soul grooving.

Saturday: Reggae’s Resplendent Resonance

Fortunate Youth graces the stage at 2:30 pm. This band has risen from backyard BBQs in Southern California to become one of the most popular reggae rock bands in the country. Their mission? To spread peace, love, and unity through music. Their latest album, “Good Times (Roll On),” aims to rekindle the spirit of those halcyon days.

Mighty Mystic performs at noon, a leader in the U.S. Reggae scene. With a ferocious conviction and an uncanny ambition, Mighty Mystic has gripped the scene, offering a unique spin on classic reggae blended with Hip Hop & Rock.

Sunday: An Eclectic Ensemble

NRBQ takes the stage at 2:30 pm. Known as the New Rhythm and Blues Quartet, NRBQ has been called a national treasure. Their music has attracted legions of devoted fans worldwide, including celebrities like Jimi Hendrix and Elvis Costello.

The Good The Bag & The Butcher perform at noon, a new supergroup of guitar powerhouses that promise to rock your socks and soar to the stratosphere.

Girl with a Hawk kicks off the day at 10:30 am. Led by musician Linda S. Viens, this American rock band formed in 2021 and has already topped the Indie charts with their new record, “The Romantic.”

The DJs: The Pulse of the Party

DJ Stenny and DJ Slim will also be there to keep the beats flowing. Originating from the Boston area, DJ Stenny has been working professionally for more than 12 years. DJ Slim, a Marijuana Music Activist from Dorchester, Mass, is the CEO of Puffpass Records.

So, there you have it, a musical lineup that promises not just to entertain but to elevate, to not just perform but to transform. The HighLifeStyle Show 2023 is not just a festival; it’s a musical odyssey.