HighLifeStyle Show Postponed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the HighLifeStyle Show needs to be postponed …  reason is below.
Last week the Cannabis Control Commission met and determined that a path to have legal consumption at events was now on their agenda.  Previously our event had been planned on the laws that stood, meaning that a private event on private property could be held without negative impact from the MA government as long as we complied with all laws, which we and the exhibitors have always intended to do, but could not be publicly advertised (not like music and camping festivals which hide under the radar).
The proper path to consumer recreational use of cannabis is still being identified and settled by the MA Cannabis Control Commission, who are progressing towards meeting more needs of consumers and cannabis business people in the state, which is what our CraftBud Alliance is all about anyway.
We believe that the CCC could be looking at our event, and other similar events, potentially as a “public” event whereas anyone from the public could “join” and attend, and are looking at a “license” that will need to be applied for and granted.  The laws do not currently exist, but the CCC state that they are in that process now and we are concerned that it could happen and negatively impact us.
We are still confident that we would be currently operating completely legally under the law, but fear that the CCC may choose to institute a new license required by law for events like ours that may be enacted between now and our event date, which could negatively impact us should it contain a “license” that we cannot get.
We could attempt to go forward as planned, and be hopeful that nothing will happen, but the reality is, we are trying to produce an event that is different and better that the stuffy “business” events and more fulfilling to entrepreneurs than just another music festival or camping event (also being scrutinized).
The HighLifeStyle Show will be the official trade show for the CraftBud Alliance and we will work hard for our constituents to provide a quality community with entertaining and engaging events, destined to assist the growers and consumers to level the cannabis playing field for entrepreneurs.
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