Exhibitor Terms and Conditions

The High Life Style Show 2019

This agreement is for Exhibit space at the July 5-7, 2019 HighLifeStyle Show, a conference and expo for the CraftBud Alliance, an advocacy group.

The producer of the event, MOPCEC LLC (MOPC), along with the Boxboro Regency Hotel and all their employees, agents, staff and production partners (herein referred to jointly as “HighLifeStyleShow”) want to have a safe, comfortable and well-rounded event with exhibitors in numerous categories selling quality products that our consumers are seeking, and as an Exhibitor or Vendor at this event the applicant agrees to all terms, conditions and disclaimers in this document.

This agreement, once approved, is for exhibitor space at the HighLifeStyle Show on July 5-7, 2019 at the Boxboro Regency Hotel in Boxborough, Massachusetts.

Exhibitor expressly understands that nothing herein shall confer any rights upon exhibitor with respect to subsequent exhibitions conducted by MOPCEC LLC. Exhibitor acknowledges and understands that exhibiting at this event does not guarantee Exhibitor any rights to exhibit in any future shows produced by MOPCEC.

It is further understood that MOPCEC shall have the right to reject any contract and deny entry to any exhibitor at any time prior to or during the dates of the show and, upon return of any required return of any refundable payments made by Exhibitors, MOPCEC representing the “HighLifeStyleShow” shall not have any further rights, obligations or liability to the exhibitor.

Placing an order and accepting these terms does not guarantee Exhibitor a space at this event. Upon acceptance of the application by management, “HighLifeStyleShow” will furnish applicant with confirmation of space and payment information. Once payment is complete, load in and load out procedures dates and times, set up, show times and security will be detailed for Exhibitor. Security will be very tight for this event to ensure compliance.

This is a 21+ (twenty one plus) event, meaning that exhibitor cannot bring any person onto the property during the course of the event that is under twenty one (21) years of age, and breaching this rule will mean immediate expulsion without the chance of any refund.

There are strict rules about type of products that can be sold on the premises that will be detailed below and enforced on property, and that if breached will cause immediate expulsion without the chance of any refund or recourse.

Since this is a Cannabis oriented event, any exhibitor who sells or distributes any THC in violation of any Massachusetts law, could be subject to arrest by police or other authorities an/or expulsion without the chance of any refund or recourse.

Exhibitors should assume that the Police or other People of Authority will be checking to see if anyone is selling illegal substances. Assume that other People of Authority may be checking to see if anyone is selling any taxable product without a Massachusetts Tax Number, which are simple to get at this link https://www.mass.gov/guides/sales-and-use-tax . The CBA website www.CraftBudAlliance.com will have info available to guide Exhibitors on questions regarding the legal aspects of the event in advance of ordering and paying for your exhibit space. Please ask questions if you have them.

All payments are to be made to MOPCEC LLC and the total amount payable under this agreement will be detailed in Exhibitor’s approval of application. Once your application is approved, the payment for space is due immediately. If you’d like to make a partial payment, upon approval at least 50% (fifty percent) of amount, with balance due 30 days prior to show set up day (i.e. no later than June 4, 2019).

If you pay by check or money order , make payment to MOPCEC LLC, and send payment to P.O. Box 702, Hudson, MA 01749. If you pay by credit card or Paypal, it will be charged at that time and include the 7% (seven percent) service fee charged by the service that handles the payment. You can save the fees by paying by check or money order.

No Exhibitors will be permitted to enter the property unless the balance due to for the space is paid in full. Failure to pay in full could result in the loss of your deposit and booth. Cancellations may be made in writing at least 14 (fourteen) days in advance of the event. There are no refunds, although space may be able to be transferred for a future show.

HighLifeStyleShow, at its sole discretion, shall assign space at the show and we will try to accommodate special requests. Exhibitors will only be allowed to use the space it is assigned. No space will be assigned without payment.

HighLifeStyleShow reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan, alter entrances and exits and undertake structural changes as needed.

Outside spaces can include Exhibitors vehicle if it fits into the assigned space, but there will be NO driving in the exhibit area when attendees are present during show hours.

Exhibitors will limit their display to the rented space as outlined in the agreement to be the exact sized paid for and agree to not alter the convention floor plan in any way. No Exhibitors will be or is allowed to have any item(s) in the aisle space.

The space Exhibitors purchase is for YOUR USE ONLY. NO SUBLETTING and/or RESELLING of space is allowed. Sharing of space is only with permission in advance by MOPCEC.

Exhibitors will get 3 (three) Exhibitor wristbands that allows access to all activities inside and outside the Hotel, including concerts, panels, after-party fun, indoor bathrooms, hotel restaurant and bar. Extra wristbands can be ordered in advance for $50 each. Lost wristbands will cost $50 each to replace. Dab and Flower Bar Exhibitors will receive a 4th exhibitor wristband for use by a representative identified as providing free samples only. Sampling will be allowed OUTDOORS ONLY.

There will be two “classes” of paid attendees: a lower priced admission for “outdoor only” attendees will not have access to indoors activities inside the Hotel or indoor bathrooms, although portable restrooms will be readily available and cleaned regularly; VIPs and Hotel Guests will have premium programming, access to all activities, restaurant, bar and indoor bathrooms; all attendees will have access to all vendors. Any additional wristbands must be approved in advance and will cost extra. NO ONE UNDER 21 YEARS OLD ALLOWED ON PROPERTY ALL WEEKEND. Extra Weekend Exhibitor Wristbands are $50 (fifty dollars) each and any lost wristbands will need to be repurchased at $50 each.

Electrical service is available inside the building and cost is $125 per electrical outlet and can be dropped at any booth indoors. Be aware electrical hookups will not be available day of show so if you need electricity you need to reserve that when you book your exhibit space. We are only offering Exhibitors an empty space … no tables are included. Indoors vendors will have access to free-to-use hotel chairs, outside vendors will not have access to the hotel chairs. Exhibitor can bring their own booth needs, although tables, chairs, electricity and other booth needs can be ordered upon signing up for your space or no later than 7 days in advance.

Exhibitors must comply with all state and local laws.

Sales tax is the responsibility of Exhibitors to collect according to state laws. It is your responsibility to comply with all state laws. www.mass.gov/guides/sales-and-use-tax

Exhibitors selling any edible or consumable products must provide management with a current ServSafe Certificate along with having any needed State of MA Board of Health approval. All Food and consumables services must comply with any State of MA and Town of Boxboro regulations.

Exhibitors will not and are not permitted to affix anything to the convention room walls. Any damage to the facility NOT reported to the “HighLifeStyleShow” upon arrival prior to set up, will completely be the responsibility of Exhibitor occupying the space; and said exhibitor will be held personally responsible for said damage.

Exhibitors will not bring any gambling devices (EX: grab bags, dice games, card dispensing machines etc.) to be used on or near the premises without specific written consent.

“HighLifeStyleShow” has the right to remove any offensive material displayed.

Sale of firearms and/or any weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited from the property. All Massachusetts weapons laws will be strictly enforced on property.

There will be a Police presence throughout the weekend. The Chief of Police of Boxboro wants us to have a great event and do it again, so please don’t give the Police any reason to do anything but enjoy the days watching out for us.

Exhibitors assume entire responsibility for themselves, their employees, their merchandise, their vehicle and their personal belongings and hereby agrees to protect, indemnify, defend, save and hold harmless the “HighLifeStyleShow,” including its owners and operators, along with the Regency Boxboro Hotel, its owners and operators, along with all staff, sponsors and principles harmless against all claims, losses and damages to person or property, governmental charges and or fines and attorney fees arising out of or caused by exhibitors installation, removal, occupancy or use of the exhibition premises or any part thereof.

Exhibitors agree to hold “HighLifeStyleShow” harmless from loss or damage of merchandise or injury sustained during attendance at its event. “HighLifeStyleShow” takes no responsibility for items lost or stolen: it is up to vendors to be diligent and/or carry insurance for their goods.

Exhibitor understand that “HighLifeStyleShow” does not maintain insurance covering any Exhibitor, their employees, family or helpers, or exhibitor’s property, and it is the sole

responsibility of Exhibitors to obtain any such insurance should Exhibitors want or need such insurance. “HighLifeStyleShow” maintains adequate insurance for coverage of liability due to accidents to attendees.

There will be security on premises, however “HighLifeStyleShow” is not responsible for exhibitor’s property. Be vigilant, not paranoid, and help each other if needed.


Exhibitor Fees – Each Fee includes One Year Membership in the CraftBudAllianceTM an advocacy group. We prefer payment in check or money order. If using a credit card for payment add 7% (seven percent) credit card service fee. Deposits of 50% (fifty percent) will be accepted upon approval, with balance due no later than 30 days in advance of show set up (due no later than June 4, 2019).

Some Booths are priced to include 2 nights of hotel room (single or double) at Boxboro Regency, extra room nights are $100 (one hundred dollars) per night (pre-ordered with Booth rental).

Indoor Booth – 12×12 in Parade Room Expo Hall $1000 (one thousand) to $1200 (twelve hundred dollars) depending on location, Booth comes as empty space although the hotel provides chairs for indoor booths, Electrical fee is $125 per drop. Indoor Endcap and/or Walkthrough Booths are $1200 with 2 nights hotel room included or $1050 without hotel room included; Standard Booths are $1000 with 2 nights hotel room included and $850 without hotel room included

Outdoor Booth – 20×20 in Parking Lot $800 (eight hundred) to $1000 (one thousand dollars) depending on location. Booth comes as empty space, there are no electrical drops available in outside booths. Vendors may bring a quiet generator if needed as long as it does not annoy their neighbor exhibitors and may park the vehicle in their booth if it fits in the space. Vehicles will not be allowed to drive through the exhibit area when attendees are present. Outdoor Endcap and/or Walkthrough Booths are $1000 with 2 nights hotel room included or $850 without hotel room included; Standard Booths are $900 with 2 nights hotel room included and $750 without hotel room included

Hotel requires a credit card for incidentals upon check in to cover anything other than Room and Tax. Total Room and tax for each night when booked through us in advance is $100 (one hundred dollars).

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